Celebrity Style Series: Selena Gomez’s Street Style

Current adolescents grew up in a generation of Disney Channel Stars where Selena ran supreme.  The star of Wizards of Waverly Place’s style has grown drastically with her age and fame.

From dressing like this…


To dressing like this…


We’re going to be breaking down our favorite Selena Gomez Street Style outfits from the last three years!


Outfit Number 1 – Perfectly Chic California Fall Outfit


Fall Selena may be my favorite Selena.  This outfit of hers is definitely a transitional outfit between Summer ending and Fall starting.  It also looks like an outfit that you could wear on a breezy Californian Fall day.  First and foremost, the boots are incredible, they really add to the whole look of the outfit.  The zippers at the foot of her jeans also give the outfit flare.  All these small details heighten the outfit to an extreme level.  A simple black crop top is layered under a cargo green unbuttoned vest paired with a Chanel bag and sunglasses.  This outfit just screams chic.  It also proves how important accessorizing is.  If she had paired the outfit with any other boots, I don’t think it would’ve looked nearly as good as it does here.  The layering of the cargo green vest is genius, the sunglasses and purse add a touch of sophistication and class.  It is one of my all time favorite Selena Outfits.

Outfit Number 2 – The Perfect Casual Peplum Outfit 


Another thing we love about Selena’s style is that she takes simple pieces and puts them in a certain way that makes them look so sophisticated.  This outfit is honestly one of the most casual looking outfits we’ve seen involving a peplum.  When one thinks about a peplum the first thing that comes to mind is fancy or red carpet and yet, Selena pulls off this outfit making the peplum casually sophisticated.  The nude pump balances out the extreme pattern of the pants and the black peplum fits around her body perfectly.  It is such a flattering outfit and those sunglasses makes it all look majorly chic.

Outfit Number 3 – The Sophisticated Torn Jeans


This ensemble of Selena’s is another favorite because – how can someone makes ripped jeans look so sophisticated?  Selena manages to make the hardest pieces go from either grunge to sophisticated or formal to casual.  This outfit in particular is so simple to put together – it appears to effortless – yet completely stylish.  I also love that Selena wears nude pumps.  They look so classy.

Outfit Number 4 – Another Pair Of Sophisticated Torn Jeans


Selena manages to take grunge pieces and create sophisticated outfits even if they’re just for a stroll around a city.  Selena knows how to style herself.  She knows that looser jeans must be worn with a semi-fitted shirt otherwise you become swallowed up in fabric – especially for someone Selena’s height.   This is similar to the other torn jeans outfit (Outfit #3) but do you notice that only a change in shoe color, blazer color and her hair in a bun makes it look like a complete other outfit.

Outfit Number 5 – Chic Black Dress


This is definitely my favorite Selena outfit.  Selena knows her style, she understands what clothes look fantastic on her.   She was caught by papparazzi in this ensemble, it wasn’t for anything fancy.  There is so much to love about this outfit.  The neckline of the dress, the collar, the pleated skirt, the shoes, the sunglasses, her hair.  It all just comes together to produce an amazing outfit.  One that I think only she can make effortless.


Zehra and Sophia


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